Private Money Lending

With the vast changes and Bank fall out in traditional commercial lending, Private Money Lending has become a major source for numerous Real Estate and Business projects. Portfolio Financial Group has been on the cutting edge in providing real equity driven funding for numerous client requests.

Private money encompasses a wide variety of sources for bridge and short term capital.

We welcome requests for funding on Investor commercial properties both performing and non-performing as well as construction and SFR Investment properties. Portfolio Financial Group maintains a well respected position within our network of Investment Lenders.

Portfolio Financial Group maintains a truly diverse portfolio of Investor Lender partners. Individual Private Investors, Private Investor Funds, Hedge Funds and large Securitized Funds provide capital for qualified projects.

Private Money is equity driven. Project debt service, both present and or projected with verifications, are always given priority consideration. Location is always an important factor given to desirable geographic regions in United States and Canada. Short term bridge loans require realistic and well thought out exit strategies.

Portfolio Financial Group gives professional consideration to all legitimate lending requests. Our service is personalized and professional. We understand no two deals are alike.  We evaluate each lending request with full consideration for merit. A nominal deposit is required for due diligence and underwriting of each file. Underwriting fees are non-refundable.

Portfolio Financial enjoys a long history of funding loans which have been previously turned down at conventional Lenders. We do so by clearly understanding and underwriting the file for success. Knowing how to formulate the transaction has set Portfolio Financial Group apart from other lending sources.

We work to earn your business, loyalty and respect.