Monetized Lending Program

Portfolio Investments has developed a unique program to fund deserving business projects. We have developed relationships with Investment Funds which provide Bank Guarantees for monetization.

For qualified business projects we can provide real capital without dilution of equity. Portfolio Investments partners will provide to qualified projects Stand-by Letters of Credit which can be monetized for necessary Bridge Capital to get your project off the ground.

Accepted projects must be well planed with substantial future growth projected. Our Investors supply both the SBLC and the Monetization Lender. The investor fees are fair and far less than traditional equity scenarios.

Once accepted and qualified the project is set up for funding. Bank fees and SBLC use fees are required for funding the project.

Fees are based on size of capital requested. This specialized Bridge Funding is short term. 12month terms with extensions up to 60 months with renewal fees are available.

Funding amounts start at $2,000,000.00 and can be funded to $250,000,000.00

This program is very unique and we are one of the few Business Capital Bridge sources for this program. Transactions may qualify for non-recourse status.

We welcome your inquiries on this unique program. We will provide your project a complete guideline to how these programs work and what is required to qualify.

We look forward to earning your business

Portfolio Financial Group