Portfolio Energy Trading & Funding, LLC.

Energy Trade & Finance Bank Instruments

Portfolio Energy Trading & Finance LLC was formed in partnership with Argosy Petroleum & Trading LLC and others.

We provide ready and capable Investment Funds to provide capital for use with Banks Instruments required in trades. Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee are delivered from recognized Banks for use in real verified energy trades.

Our Investor network can provide the necessary funds for bank fees required for Bank Instruments.

We can provide JV Partners on verified fuel and crude transactions. Our partner Argosy Petroleum & Trading LLC can deliver fully vetted trade opportunities.

Energy trades and finance require intensive due diligence. Portfolio Energy Trading & Funding LLC adheres to strict vetting policies. We work only with sources and Investors who share the same commitment.

All trades must provide verified contract documents, performance bond language with criteria for Proof of Product and Proof of Funds.  We verify Bank Instruments with Swift Pre Advice documents along with all details that are required to complete a successful transaction.

There are no short cuts to success on Energy Trades. Portfolio Energy Trading & Funding LLC is dedicated to providing real capital and seasoned energy partners. This commitment can facilitate real meaningful closed transactions.

All transactions for consideration must be submitted in a written executive summary for consideration. Portfolio Energy Trading & Funding LLC is dedicated to earning your business and loyalty.

Portfolio Energy Trading & Funding, LLC.